My name is Luna



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I created these pages to share my passion for health and wellness.

In this era of information overload, sometimes it's hard to distinguish truthful, educated data from exaggerated, unfounded claims.

For this reason, I made it a mission to transfer information in ways that are both practical and instructive. After all, knowledge is only fruitful when applied.

While some of the material I write about its origins in personal experience, most of it is based on scientific data collected from renown papers and peer reviews.

I promise this information can change your life if you embrace it, making it a lifestyle.

Who Am I?

I am a Life Coach currently getting certified in Medicinal Nutrition and Holistic Health.

Wellness is a path I've followed my whole life, allowing me to find great success in the financial industry for the last two decades.

I have confirmed that when our bodies, emotions, and mind get out of the way, we tap into a source of energy and wisdom we can then use for creative endeavors. It's quite a way to win!

So, if you're interested in optimizing your life in every sense, keep reading. You're at the right place!


Learn about what nourishes and repairs the body. Lose weight, get more energy, and avoid the persistent cold going around the office. Better yet, adapt it all to your busy schedule.

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The mind works best when it can alternate between calm and active thinking. Learn efficient methods to soothe your mind and make it a powerful ally.

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Our human impulse to always want "the next thing" can take us into a never-ending path of desire. Once our basic needs are met, there is only one thing which can deliver the ultimate, unwavering happiness we all seek.

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